If you’re an avid hiker or backpacker looking for a versatile, durable, and comfortable multi-day backpack for 2024, the Ledge XTL 80 is an excellent option worth considering.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key features, pros and cons, ideal use cases, and frequently asked questions about the Ledge XTL 80 hiking backpack so you can determine if it’s the right pack for your needs.

Overview of the Ledge XTL 80 Backpack

Ledge XTL 80 Backpack

The Ledge XTL 80 is a mid-size, adjustable-torso internal frame backpack designed for 3-5 day backpacking and hiking trips. With a capacity of 80 liters, it provides ample storage for essential gear without being oversized or unwieldy.

Key features and specifications:

  • Volume: 80 L
  • Weight: 5 lbs 5 oz
  • Torso sizes: 16” – 21” Adjustable
  • Fabric: 600D polyester
  • Frame: Internal aluminum
  • Hydration compatible: Yes (3 L reservoir)
  • Pockets: 9 total
  • Colors: Black, Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak

The XTL 80 is packed with well-designed features ideal for multi-day backcountry excursions, including a roomy sleeping bag compartment, trekking pole attachments, hip belt pockets, and an integrated rain cover.

Below, we’ll take a more detailed look at the features and performance.

Weight and Capacity

One of the key factors any backpacker considers is capacity and weight. You want to make sure you choose a pack with adequate volume for your typical gear loadout that isn’t overly heavy.

With an 80 L capacity, the XTL 80 hits a nice sweet spot – providing sufficient space for extended hiking trips without going overboard where you end up packing extra unnecessary items.

The pack itself has a comfortably lightweight design, weighing in at just 5 lbs 5 oz. This makes it one of the lighter 80 L backpacks on the market.

For comparison, here’s how the XTL 80’s weight and capacity stack up to other popular multi-day hiking backpacks:

Ledge XTL 8080 L5 lbs 5 oz
Osprey Aether AG 8585 L5 lbs
Gregory Paragon 6868 L4 lbs 3 oz
Deuter Aircontact Lite 75+1075+10 L5 lbs 1 oz

As you can see, the XTL 80 provides trail-worthy capacity while remaining light and nimble. This makes it easier to cover miles on the trail without backpack weight slowing you down.

Adjustable Suspension System

One of the standout features of the Ledge XTL 80 is the adjustable suspension system, which allows you to custom-tune the torso length from 16” up to 21”.

This provides an ideal fit for a wide range of users, from petite hikers to those over 6’ tall. Just slide the suspension yoke up or down to match your torso length.

The adjustable harness includes mesh-covered shoulder straps and a well-padded mesh back panel. Together with the hip belt, they allow you to dial in the fit for optimal comfort and support under load.

The flexibility is perfect if multiple users will be sharing the pack for different trips. Plus, it allows you to tweak the fit as needed when wearing different layer thicknesses.

Organized Storage Options

The XTL 80 incorporates several zippered pockets and storage features to keep your gear organized and easily accessible on the trail:

  • Top lid pocket – A dedicated pocket on the top lid provides quick access to small essentials like a headlamp, compass, maps, etc.
  • Front stretch mesh pockets – Dual stretch pockets carry water bottles, rain gear, or other items you need to access on the move.
  • Front vertical zip pocket – A flat vertical zip pocket is a convenient spot for guidebooks, maps, or smartphones.
  • Side zip access – Unzips fully for easy top-loading access to main compartment.
  • Sleeping bag compartment – A separate bottom compartment protects and segregates your sleeping bag.
  • Hip belt pockets – Twin zippered hip belt pockets provide storage for snacks, chapstick, mini first aid kit, etc.
  • Internal hydration sleeve – Special ported sleeve holds a 3L water reservoir.

This combination of pockets and access points help you organize gear effectively and stash items where they are simplest to reach.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Hiking backpacks take a beating out on the trail, so durability is a key factor. The XTL 80 is built rugged using abrasion resistant 600D polyester fabric. This helps it withstand scrapes from branches and rocks along the trail.

The beefy YKK zippers hold up well during repeated use and resist breaking or snagging. And the side compression straps and haul loop reinforce high stress points.

One great feature is the integrated waterproof rain cover, which deploys quickly in rainy conditions to protect the pack contents. The zippers and fabric also resist light moisture.

While not fully waterproof, the XTL 80 provides adequate weather resistance for most backpacking trips. For extreme wet climates, consider pairing it with a pack cover for added protection.

Comfort Features

In addition to the adjustable, ventilated suspension system, Ledge built in several other comfort features:

  • Padded waist belt – The wide, padded waist belt effectively transfers pack weight to your hips. Dual adjustment straps customize the tightness.
  • Sternum strap – An adjustable elastic sternum strap connects the shoulder straps across your chest, helping stabilize loads.
  • Trekking pole loops – Integrated loops allow you to securely attach and carry trekking poles for easy access.
  • Compression straps – The side straps cinch down to stabilize loads and improve balance.

Together, these features allow you to comfortably carry heavier gear loads over long distances. The customizability helps dial in the ideal fit as needed.

Performance and Versatility

With its adjustable fit, ample capacity, and comfort-focused design, the XTL 80 provides excellent versatility for all types of backpacking adventures including:

  • Multi-day hiking trips
  • Thru-hiking / section hiking
  • Backcountry camping excursions
  • General outdoor recreation

It has sufficient capacity for extended trips while keeping things streamlined. And the lightweight internal frame effectively transfers weight off your shoulders.

The XTL 80 works well for men and women and can be configured for youth backpackers too. While best suited for 3-5 day trips, it can pull double duty for overnighters or weeklong thru-hikes depending on how much gear you need.

Good For:

  • Hikers looking for 80+ liter capacity for multi-day trips
  • Those who value an adjustable suspension system to customize fit
  • People who pack heavier and need load-bearing support
  • Anyone wanting lots of organizational pockets/features
  • Backpackers seeking weather protection with the integrated rain cover
  • Groups with multiple users who will share the pack

Not Ideal For:

  • Ultralight backpackers – the XTL 80 is heavier than bare minimalist packs
  • Short trips under 3 days – capacity is more than required for quick overnights
  • Hot climates – the solid fabric doesn’t ventilate as well as mesh packs
  • Smaller framed hikers – the longer frame may not fit petite users well

So in summary, the Ledge XTL 80 hits a nice sweet spot that suits most general 3-5 day hiking and backpacking trips. It may be overkill for ultralight hikers but provides ample space, support, and features for most backpackers.

Ledge XTL 80 Backpack Pros and Cons


  • Generous 80 L capacity
  • Lightweight internal frame design
  • Highly adjustable torso length
  • Comfortable, well-padded suspension
  • Multiple zippered pockets for organization
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Compression straps stabilize loads
  • Accommodates 3L hydration reservoir
  • Attaches gear via daisy chains and bungee tie-offs
  • Two colors available


  • Torso fit may not work for petite users
  • Rain cover could be more durable
  • Water bottle pockets are a bit tight
  • Only men’s specific design (no women’s model)
  • Does not come in camouflage color options

What Owners Are Saying

The Ledge XTL 80 scores 4 out of 5 stars based on customer reviews. Most hikers praise the comfortable fit, customizable adjustment, and generous capacity. A few users did note issues with the side bottle pockets being small along with concerns about overall long-term durability. But overall, most owners are very satisfied with the pack’s performance and feature set.

Here are a few snippets of feedback from real users:

“I used the XTL 80 for a 4-day backpacking trip in the Smokies and it performed flawlessly. The adjustable torso feature is so handy and once I got it dialed into my fit, it carried extremely comfortably even at full load.”

“Plenty of capacity for longer trips without feeling bulky. Love all the zippered pockets to keep things organized. Good value for the price.”

“Took this pack on a Colorado backcountry elk hunt and it held up well. The load lifters and hip belt kept things stable when hauling meat.”

“Not quite as durable as my Osprey pack but close. The zippers got a little sticky after some use but I just used some wax to smooth them out.”

“The integrated rain cover was a lifesaver when we got caught in a storm on the Appalachian Trail. Kept my gear completely dry inside!”

So overall, most hikers find the Ledge XTL 80 provides excellent comfort, customizability, and performance for the price. It’s a great balanced all-around choice for multi-day adventures.

Ledge XTL 80 Backpack: Ideal Uses

The Ledge XTL 80 really shines in these backpacking scenarios:

  • Thru-hikes – With 80 liters of capacity, it has ample space for extended thru-hikes like the Appalachian Trail while keeping pack weight manageable.
  • 3-5 day backpacking trips – Perfectly sized for packing 3-5 days worth of gear, food, water, etc. Streamlined profile prevents overpacking.
  • Group trips – Adjustable sizing works for youths and adults. Multiple people can use the pack for different outings.
  • Hunting excursions – Rugged and spacious enough for packing out meat and gear during remote hunts. External daisy chains help lash gear.
  • Winter camping – Extra capacity for bulky cold weather clothing and sleep systems. Keeps items organized.
  • Outdoor school programs – Durable and adjustable to outfit students of different ages and sizes. Good load hauling capability.

The XTL 80 hits the mark for versatility, offering the right balance of cargo space, organization, load support, and weather protection that suits most 3-5 day outdoor trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size (torso length) Ledge XTL 80 should I get?

A: The adjustable harness on the XTL 80 allows you to tune the torso fit from 16” to 21”. Pick the size that matches your torso length when the hip belt sits properly on your hip bones. You can then further tweak the adjustment.

Q: How much weight can the Ledge XTL 80 comfortably carry?

A: The XTL 80 frame and harness can comfortably carry up to 50 pounds of total weight. The ideal carry weight range is about 30-45 lbs. Heavier than 50 lbs is not recommended for extended periods.

Q: Is the XTL 80 waterproof?

A: The XTL 80 is fairly water resistant but not completely waterproof, so it may leak in extremely heavy rain. Use the included rain cover in wet conditions or add a pack liner for full water protection.

Q: Where is the Ledge XTL 80 made?

A: Ledge Outdoor backpacks are designed in the USA. However, manufacturing occurs overseas in facilities located in Vietnam and China.

Q: Is the XTL 80 good for travel or checked airline luggage?

A: The XTL 80 can work as an airline carry-on or checked luggage pack thanks to the streamlined shape. Just be sure to empty out and collapse the internal frame sheet. Compression straps help reduce the profile.

Q: What colors does the Ledge XTL come in?

A: Currently Ledge offers the XTL 80 in two color options – Solid Black and Realtree Edge camo. The Mossy Oak Breakup Country option has been discontinued.

Hopefully, this in-depth Ledge XTL 80 backpack review gave you all the details you need to decide if it’s the right pack choice for your hiking and backpacking adventures in 2024 and beyond! It offers excellent quality, customizable fit, ample capacity, and trail-worthy performance perfect for navigating miles of beautiful backcountry.


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