An excellent hiking backpack is essential gear for enjoyable and successful outdoor adventures. With so many models on the market featuring various designs, qualities, and attributes, it can get overwhelming to determine which option best fits your needs and preferences.

This comprehensive review will provide a complete breakdown of the versatile, heavy-duty Ogio Alpurist hiking and trekking backpack ideal for multi-day excursions. We will assess critical aspects ranging from storage capacity, features, comfort, durability, and value. Let’s get started!

Ogio Brand Overview

Ogio Alpurist Hiking/Trekking Travel Backpack

Ogio has over 25 years of experience crafting high-performance bags catered to adventure seekers. It’s a top-rated, premium brand amongst avid outdoorsmen and women.

Their products incorporate input from top athletes to enhance utility, convenience, and reliability. All Ogio gear comes with a limited lifetime warranty backing their construction quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The trusted brand offers an extensive range of quality packs purpose-built for pursuits like hiking, mountain and road cycling, travel, everyday urban use, and more.

Key Attributes of the Ogio Alpurist Hiking and Trekking Backpack

  • Capacity: 75 Liters
  • Hydration Compatible: Yes – 3 Liters
  • Integrated Rain Cover: Yes
  • Dimensions: 35.5” H x 14” W x 14” D
  • Weight: 5 lbs 5 oz
  • Material: Nylon Ripstop, Nylon Oxford
  • Frame Type: Internal Hex Frame
  • Load Control Straps: Removable Hip Belt + Sternum
  • Pockets: 7 + Main Compartment
  • Color Options: Charcoal, Brick

Storage Capacity and Pockets Breakdown

With a voluminous 75-liter capacity, the Ogio Alpurist provides more than ample space for hauling all the essential gear needed for extended backcountry trips and overnight base camping.

The slimmer but deeper-than-average profile makes it easier to maneuver technical hiking trails versus wider and bulkier packs. Just be mindful of the 38-inch height, which may be overly tall for shorter hikers.

Now let’s explore the Alpurist’s well-designed pocket and access point configuration:

  • Top Quick Access Pocket: Small valuables like phone, wallet, keys
  • Front Zippered Stash Pocket: Mid-sized items you need accessible
  • Left Side Vertical Zipper: Interior base layer clothing, maps, guidebooks
  • Right Side Vertical Zipper: Interior base layer clothing, electronics
  • Front Organizer Panel: Pens, headlamp, small tools
  • Two Large Side Open Stash Pockets: Water bottles, trekking poles
  • Sleeping Bag Compartment: Separate base access to dedicated chamber
  • Main Internal Cavern: Clothing, food, tent, sleeping pad

Such immense, intelligently arranged storage capacity ensures you can comfortably carry all essential and supplementary items necessary for lengthy days on the trail. Top and side access points allow conveniently grabbing must-have gear without needing to unpack the entire contents.

Suspension and Frame

Proper suspension and framing represent a top factor for comfort when bearing heavy loads over long distances. Here’s an overview of how the Alpurist excels in these crucial performance categories:

Hexagonal Internal Frame

An internal hexagonal frame comprised of two aluminum stays and an HDPE frame sheet provides rigid stabilizing support. The frame transfers pack weight effectively onto the hip belt minimizing strain on the back and shoulders during treks. The stays also allow front-to-back flexibility so the pack contours your body movements.

Adjustable Suspension

The Alpurist utilizes an adjustable suspension system including a removable vest-style hip belt and locking sternum strap keeping shoulder straps securely in place.

This adaptable configuration aligns the pack weight directly over your hips and custom tailors the fit. The shoulder straps feature stabilizer straps and load lifters to prevent awkward gear swaying. An adjustable sternum strap then helps align the shoulder straps optimally across the chest.

Ventilation System

The Albapurist implements some smart, innovative ventilation components helping minimize heat and sweat buildup during warm weather and high exertion.

Notably, Air-Flow shoulder straps angle forward promoting cooling airflow between the pack and shoulders. The ventilated lumbar pad protects the back panel against soaking while wicking moisture. Finally, the locking sternum strap can shift sideways to generate core ventilation.

Beyond keeping you dryer and cooler, this enhanced ventilation promotes free movement unhampered by sticking sweat-drenched fabric.

Additional Features and Benefits

Integrated Rain Cover

No weather conditions will penetrate your gear thanks to the built-in, removable rain cover. Simply pull it out and slip it over the pack body when wet weather strikes. Reflective elements promote visibility in dark, foggy settings.

Helmet Carry System

The exterior strapping enables securely toting your bike or climbing helmet when not wearing it. Just thread the chinstrap through loops diagonally across the front panel.

Trekking Pole Holders

If using poles to aid stability and take pressure off legs during long ascents and descents, special external loop holders below the lid pocket provide handy secure storage when not actively using them.

Hydration Compatible

A dedicated internal hydration sleeve holds up to a three-liter water reservoir. Feeding the tube through the lining in the top of the shoulder strap keeps the hose in place for convenient mid-hike sipping. An insulated hose cover protects against freezing in colder climates.

Compression Straps & Hip Belt Pockets

Side compression straps and load stabilizer straps allow cinching down the pack profile for technical scrambles so it stays centered and doesn’t catch on obstructions. Dual sizable hip belt pockets handily store must-haves like phones, snacks, and compass for access minus needing to halt and unpack.

External Attachment Points

Integrated external tool loops, lash points, and daisy chains make latching on additional gear using carabiners and cords a breeze. Examples include sleeping pads, solar panels, satellite devices, and extra clothing layers.

Rugged Durability

Ogio pulls no punches when it comes to cutting-edge materials technologies and construction methods yielding gear tough enough for the harshest conditions.

The Alpurist incorporates ultra-tear and abrasion-resistant nylon ripstop fabric. The high-density nylon Oxford base withstands extended friction and reinforced stitching prevents seam failures.

The water-resistant coating combats moisture from entering at the seams while the secure zipper garages protect teeth from grime and grit. So you can count on the Alpurist to endure years and miles of aggressive outdoor handling.

Sizing, Fit, and Adjustments

The Ogio Alpurist backpack is offered in regular and large sizing to accommodate most users except petite hikers under 5’3”. Measure your torso length first without clothing from the C7 vertebrae to just below the waistline to choose the appropriate frame.

Here’s a general sizing chart:

  • Regular: Fits torso 18-21 inches
  • Large: Fits torso 21-24 inches

Fortunately, the easily adjustable padded shoulder straps, removable hip belts, and shifting sternum straps broaden the scope of customizable fits. So both regular and large frames adapt decently for those slightly outside the listed measurements.

Just expect a less optimal carry if substantially taller than 6 feet or much under 5 and a half feet. The tall and slim versus short and stocky torso ratios represent the best pairing.


At roughly 5 and a half pounds empty, the Alpurist resides right in the typical middleweight range for serious multi-day expedition-ready backpacks. With a stuffed max capacity reaching over 80 pounds, the sturdy bag can handle heavy loads.

Yet it remains maneuverable enough for challenging scrambles thanks to compression straps keeping contents tight to the frame. Just be reasonable packing it out to avoid excessively burdening yourself unless trained for long-distance endurance trekking.


The Alpurist is available in charcoal grey with red accents or a brick red with black accents color scheme. Both color combos incorporate nicely with outdoor environments.

The red pops more for visibility just in case although the tonal grey scheme blends into forests and mountainsides well. It comes down purely to personal style preference since quality and components are consistent.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The Ogio Alpurist consistently earns high praise and recommendations across major gear and outdoor sporting retailers and sites. Most reviews indicate the bag lives up to expectations with just a couple of isolated complaints.

Here is a summary of recurring pros and cons from verified purchasers:


  • Extremely well-built with durable, weather-resistant materials
  • Massive 75-liter capacity hauls lengthy trip loads
  • Hexagonal frame effectively transfers pack weight burden
  • Shoulder and hip belt adjustments personalize comfortable fit
  • Plentiful pockets logically organize gear
  • Rain cover, pole holders, and strap system convenient
  • Sized right for taller hikers and adjustable for many heights


  • Waist belt tends to ride up on shorter torsos
  • The tall frame and slim shape are tricky for smaller users
  • Shoulder straps limit ventilation for some
  • Internal separation could improve

Considering its abundance of handy features, rugged build quality, and immense hauling capabilities, the average customer rating over dozens of reputable sites remains an excellent 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Price and Value Analysis

With an MSRP of $300, the Ogio Alpurist resides in the upper mid-range price tier among premium hiking backpacks. More budget-minded options with pared-down features and less carrying capacity start around $120.

Meanwhile, elite mountaineering bags from arc’tyrex, Gregory, and Osprey meeting the strictest technical specifications run upwards of $450. This positions the 75-liter Alpurist right within the “sweet spot” balancing performance, durability, and features against reasonable affordability.

Given Ogio’s brand reputation for delivering pro athlete-worthy construction and innovation, the Alpurist certainly justifies its moderate cost relative to competitors. Considering years of reliable service for avid adventurers, the price reflects great long-term value.

Final Verdict

For the explorer who requires high-performance durability, immense hauling potential, and clever convenience features blended into a trail-worthy ergonomic design, the Ogio Alpurist hiking backpack is a phenomenal choice.

It sports an intelligently configured robust buildable to withstand extreme long-term use without weighing you down over demanding miles. Bonus touches promote trekking efficiency from integrated rain protection to trekking pole carriers.

While best matching taller adventurers given the height, customizable strap systems adapt the fit for shorter torsos reasonably well too. Ultimately, the Alpurist provides elite-level versatility, volume, engineering, and execution instantly preparing you to conquer any multi-day backcountry challenge.


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