The inner layer is very vital during hiking and activities because that layer comes into direct contact with your sensitive skin of yours all the time. The inner layer is accountable for protecting your skin and maintaining body temperature. So, the inner layer must be quick-drying, absorbent, and breathable to help you feel good all day. The best base layers for physical activities are made from Merino wool, polyester, or nylon. Also, sometimes a blend of these fabrics is used too.

Merino wool is the first choice for selecting base layers because it gives good breathability and moisture-absorbent performance compared to the other two materials. Also, Merino wool is antimicrobial naturally, exceptionally soft to the touch, and provides exceptional UV protection. However, the material has drawbacks, like it is comparatively higher in cost, dries a little slower, and is less durable than the other materials.

Below is some of the best merino wool-base layer for hunting, skiing, trekking, and other physical activities.

Merino. tech Merino wool-base layer Merino Wool Base Layer - Mens 100% Merino Wool Long Sleeve Thermal Shirts Lightweight, Midweight, Heavyweight

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This Base Layer gives all-day comfort and does not irritate the skin. It is made for daily wear without overheating, rubbing, or bunching pure cotton. The material is super soft and convenient. The material is naturally wicking with no foul odor, which allows it to soak moisture better than any other material. It also helps in keeping you dry and feeling fresh.

The merino wool, which is a washing machine and dryer safe. It is a heavyweight merino-wool-base layer. For durability, hand wash and air dry the fabric. This merino wool-base layer controls body temperature to keep you cozy and comfortable. Also, this is a 400g merino wool base layer. The company gives 60 days warranty guarantee and hassle-free returns.


  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Made with care for the comfort
  • Super soft material with moisture absorbent properties 
  • It keeps you dry and fresh


  • The size may not be exact
  • The material might be thin

Merino Wool 705 Chocorua

Minus33 Merino Wool 705 Chocorua Men's Midweight Crew - Anti Odor NO Itch Renewable

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The product is 100% Merino Wool, super soft, and comfortable. The most popular in easy-care means your merino wool can be machine wash and is dry friendly. Its flexibility and warmth make the product a three-season thermal and is a vital part of your outdoor activity. The company gives one of the vastest size choices. And can fit any size accurately with no worries.

It is 100% 18.5 Merino Wool and weighs 230 g/m2. It gives a UPF Rating of 50+, which makes it the merino–wool base- layer for hunting. This company has built its trust for over 100 years in the United States. The brand is known for the worth and comfort of its Merino Wool apparel. And are dedicated to bringing you the best Merino Wool products at a low cost.


  • Fabric is soft and comfortable
  • It gives good flexibility and warmth 
  • The apparel comes in several sizes
  • Has a UPF 50 plus rating


  • Quality might not be great
  • Might have holes

Merino Wool 706 Kancamagus Midweight Bottom

Minus33 Merino Wool 706 Kancamagus Men’s Midweight Bottom - Anti Odor No Itch Renewable Fabric

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The merino wool bottom is very soft and highly comfortable. It is the best in easy care, which means your merino wool bottom can be machine washed and dried. Flexibility and warmness make this three-season thermal bottom a significant part of your outdoor activity.  

The 100-year-old USA-based woolen company knows the value and comfort of Merino Wool. Also, we are devoted to delivering you the finest Merino Wool products at a favorable price. It is one of the best base layers for extreme cold. The product is 100% merino wool and weighs 230g/m2.


  • The product comes in several colors
  • It keeps you warm and cozy 
  • Comfortable and worth the price
  • Fits well


  • May have holes 
  • Is not durable

Organic Merino Wool Lightweight 100% Organic Merino Wool Lightweight Men's Base Layer Thermal T-Shirt

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The T-shirt is super lightweight and gives a comfortable fit. The fabric is natural and 100% organic with moisture absorbent, odor-free, and non-itch properties. This Ultralightweight T-shirt is designed for the day-to-day chore with no rubbing, bunching overheating of cotton. Also, the T-Shirt gives UPF 20+ shield by obstructing harmful rays from the sun, which makes it favorable for all seasons.

The Merino wool t-shirt is machine washable and dryable on the Wool cycle and LOW Tumble dry technology. It weighs 165 g/m and helps in regulating body temperature. It is the best merino–wool base – layer for skiing.


  • Odor and itch resistant 
  • Ultra-lightweight 
  • It gives a UPF 20 plus shield 
  • It helps in regulating body temperature


  • It might have some defects 
  • It might not be durable

Women’s Lokke Half-Zip Base Layer Top

Kari Traa Women's Lokke Half-Zip Baselayer Top - Premium 100% Merino Wool Fitted Long Sleeve Shirt

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This Sportswear has been designed to fit any female body flawlessly. The base layer is designed with the help of body mapping and must be skin fit. For best warmth, we suggest selecting your ideal clothing size for cleaning; use machine wash and do not use fabric softeners.

It is a 100% Merino Wool Thermal shirt for women and is perfectly soft for your skin, breathable, and naturally odor-free. The Moisture regulation properties with quick-dry fabric and an ideal winter with 100% Merino Wool for your high-intensity outdoor gear. Also, it is the best base layer made of merino wool for hunting


  • Fits perfectly well 
  • Gives good warmth 
  • Odor-resistant
  • Soft fabric


  • Not available in many colors
  • Not suitable in warm weather 


1. Which is the warmest base layer?

Base layers made of merino wool are the best as they are breathable, soft fabrics that do not irritate your body and make you feel comfortable all day long. They also help in regulating body temperature according to the weather.

2. What fitting should the base layer made of merino wool be?

The merino-wool base layer should be tight enough, particularly in the first fit. That helps in moisture-wicking and keeps you dry and fresh.