Best backpacking gear is one of the necessary gear to make your outdoor adventure more beautiful. So far in my journey of outdoor adventures 1 gear, I rarely leave at home that is “best backpacking tripod“.

Are you searching for “best backpacking tripod“? If your answer is yes then you come to the right place. In this article, I will give a complete review of “best backpacking tripod” and tell some factors which you should see while buying “best backpacking tripod“.

Here we also have some items related to your outdoor adventures these are.

Factors while choosing the best backpacking tripod

Choosing the best tripod is sometimes difficult. But don’t worry we tell you some factors which you follow and can buy the best tripod. We also give a review of best backpacking tripod you can also buy from here these are the best tripods in the market. Factors which you should check that are below.

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Size
  • Stability
  • Features
  • Price
  • Material


The first thing you should check in the best tripod when buying that is the weight of the best backpacking tripods. Best tripod weight is important for many reasons but especially it helpful for you when you go for hiking and backpacking trips.

So always try to buy a lightweight tripod for backpacking because the weight is a concern in backpacking.

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Height is also an important factor when you choosing a backpacking tripod. Sometimes its difficult to find the best tripods for the height of 6′ inches to 6’5″ inches. Height is important because backpacking tripod will meet at eye level.


Size also matters when you select the best tripod. When you buying backpacking tripod check the which can easily b pack in your backpack.


Stability is important for your beautiful images. For stability, you should check the material of tripod legs. Iron made legs of the best tripod are more stable.


The feature is also a necessary factor. You should check the features of the tripod offer by the company. You should select the tripod which offers more feature.


Price is a seriously consider factor. You first see the price and then check other factors. You should select the tripod which is not more expensive or cheap. You should buy the normal range best tripod.


If you are a beginner you must have the knowledge of the material. You just avoid aluminum material because its heavy. And I already told that we need the lightweight tripod for our outdoor adventures. I have a great experience with carbon fiber material. It is lightweight. You can easily maintain it.

Reviews Of Best Backpacking Tripod

Here in this article, we have the reviews of best backpacking tripod. These best tripods are top in the market. We solve your problem of choosing the best tripod. We give the reviews of backpacking tripod which are perfect for backpacking and hiking. You can select any one of these which we explain below.

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#1. COMAN MT60 Mini Tabletop Tripod

  • Made of aluminum but its lightweight.
  • Its weight is 1.3 LB.
  • Its perfect for holding common DSLR camera and smartphones.
  • It easy to pack folds into 9.6 inches.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Its perfect for ground level shooting and also good for Instagram and youtube videoes.
  • Its height is adjustable you can adjust it from 5.9 inches to 24.4 inches.
  • It is perfect backpacking tripod for your outdoor adventures.

    #2. BONFOTO B690A Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Camera Travel Portable Tripod

    • This best tripod is made of aluminum but its lightweight and its weight is 2.6 LBS.
    • It can bear the weight of 17 LBS.
    • 360-degree horizontal swivel and 90-degree vertical platform with 3-way head allow you to take photos at any angle.
    • Backpacking tripod is designed with the double telescoping center.
    • Height is adjustable and its compact size is 14.5 inches.
    • Easy to pack.
    • Easy to setup.
    • It comes with a carry bag you can use carry bag for CANNON, NIKON, and SONY DSLR.
    • Perfect for outdoor adventures.
    • Its a best tripod for your backpacking trip.

      #3. Lightweight Travel Tripod

      • Universal mount for all cameras.
      • Made of good quality aluminum but lightweight.
      • Easy to pack.
      • Easy to carry.
      • Its weight is 1.25lbs.
      • Comes with blue tooth remote which you can use for group photos or solo pictures.
      • Best travel tripod.

        #4. Camera Tripod Zecti

        • 55 inches tripod height which is perfect.
        • 35 cm folded height.
        • 1.3 kg is the weight of the tripod.
        • Easy to pack.
        • Easy to carry.
        • Using a CNC machine the metal is sturdy and plastic is thick and tough.
        • Made of aluminum but lightweight.
        • Metal ball head can rotate to 360 degree which allows you to take the perfect shot.
        • Also perfect for the macro photography.
        • Flexible adjust you can adjust easily to the height which you required.
        • Best backpacking tripod.

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          #5. COMAN Camera Tripod

          • Made of aluminum but its ultra lightweight.
          • Its weight is 1.3lbs.
          • Its height is 5.7 inches to 24.4 inches.
          • Folds to 9.6 inch.
          • Easy to pack.
          • Compatible with almost any DSLR cameras.
          • Quick setup and perfect for ground-level shooting.
          • It can bear the load of 5.5 lb
          • Comes with carrying bag.
          • Best travel tripod.