Havasu Falls is one of the most stunning and iconic waterfalls in the United States. Located within the Havasupai Indian Reservation near the Grand Canyon in Arizona, this beautiful waterfall consists of one main chute that drops over 100 feet into a large pool surrounded by stunning blue-green waters.

The falls are only accessible by hiking 10 miles down into the Havasupai Canyon. This can be quite challenging, especially in the summer heat. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can view or get to Havasu Falls without having to hike all the way there on foot.

Overview of Havasu Falls

Before discussing how to reach Havasu Falls without hiking, here is some background information on this incredible natural wonder:

  • Location: Havasupai Indian Reservation, Grand Canyon, Arizona
  • Main waterfall height: Over 100 feet
  • Pool width: About 150 feet across
  • Water color: Vibrant blue-green
  • Popularity: One of the most photographed waterfalls in the U.S.
  • Accessibility: Requires hiking 10 miles into Havasupai Canyon

Havasu Falls is formed by Havasu Creek, which carves its way through the canyon over miles of travertine rock. This creates the stunning blue-green pools that Havasu Falls is so famous for.

The falls are located deep within Havasupai Canyon, which is part of the vast Grand Canyon region. The Havasupai Indian Reservation occupies this section of the Grand Canyon.

Reaching Havasu Falls has always involved an arduous 10-mile hike into the canyon from the trailhead at Hualapai Hilltop. But for those unable or unwilling to take on this challenging hike, there are alternative ways to experience the majestic Havasu Falls without hiking all the way in on foot.

Helicopter Rides to Havasu Falls

One of the most popular ways to see Havasu Falls without hiking is to take a helicopter ride. There are a few helicopter tour companies that offer flights into Havasu Canyon and landings at the top of Havasu Falls.

Companies Offering Helicopter Rides

Some of the main helicopter tour companies offering Havasu Falls flights include:

  • Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters: Offers Havasu Falls landing tours from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park, and Peach Springs, AZ. Rides last 1-3 hours.
  • Maverick Aviation Group: Provides helicopter tours to Havasu Falls from Las Vegas. Tours last about 3 hours with 20-30 minutes landing time at the falls.
  • Grand Canyon Helicopters: Has Havasu Falls helicopter landing tours departing from Peach Springs, AZ. Tours are 2.5-3 hours with 20 minutes on the ground at Havasu.
  • Sundance Helicopters: Operates Havasu Falls helicopter tours from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park, and Peach Springs. Tours are 2-3.5 hours with 20 minutes landing time.

What Helicopter Tours Include

Typical helicopter tours to Havasu Falls include:

  • Roundtrip helicopter flight to Havasu Falls
  • Landing on the plateau above the falls and pool
  • Time to take photos and admire the falls (usually 15-30 minutes)
  • Narration about the geology, history, and culture of the area
  • Ground transportation to/from the helicopter departure point

Most tours depart early in the morning to avoid turbulent afternoon winds. The helicopters can typically seat 4-6 passengers. Tour prices range from $150-$500+ per person depending on tour length and location.

Benefits of Helicopter Tours

The main benefits of taking a helicopter tour to Havasu Falls include:

  • No hiking required – Get to see the falls without traversing 10+ miles on foot
  • Save time – Tours last just a few hours rather than 1-2 days for hiking
  • Comfort – Avoid camping and enjoy air conditioning and cushioned seats
  • Scope out trails – Get an aerial view of the canyon and trail leading to the falls
  • Unique perspective – See the falls and canyon from angles not visible on foot

Helicopter tours provide an easy way for those who can’t manage the long hike to still experience the wonder of Havasu Falls. Just keep in mind that tours are quite expensive, landing time at the falls is limited, and you will still have to walk a bit from the landing area to the falls and pool.

Guided Tours to Havasu Falls

Another option for getting to Havasu Falls without personally hiking there is to join a guided hiking tour. There are a few tour companies that will handle the 10+ mile hike into Havasupai Canyon and provide camping accommodations, meals, and guides.

Tour Companies Offering Guided Hikes

Some of the main guided tour providers to Havasu Falls include:

  • Wildland Trekking: Offers 4 and 5-day guided camping tours to Havasu Falls. Includes all meals, camping gear, transportation, and expert guides.
  • Grand Canyon Treks: Provides 3 and 4-day guided tours to Havasu Falls with camping, gear, food, and experienced guides. Small group sizes.
  • Backpacker Tours: Specializes in 4-day all-inclusive guided camping trips to Havasu Falls from Flagstaff, AZ. Transportation, gear, and meals included.
  • Arizona Outback Adventures: Guided 4-day backpacking tours to Havasu Falls with transportation, camping, all meals and snacks, and knowledgeable guides.
  • Pygmy Guides: Guides 2, 3, 4, and 5-day hiking tours to Havasu Falls and through Havasupai Canyon. Provides camping gear, food and snacks, and experienced guides.

What Guided Tours Include

Guided hiking tours of Havasu Falls typically include:

  • Transportation to and from the trailhead/pickup location
  • Experienced guide(s)
  • Permits/fees
  • All camping accommodations and gear
  • All meals and drinking water
  • Activities like swimming at the falls and cultural learning

Tours range from small, private guided hikes to larger group trips. Prices are generally $500-$1200+ per person depending on tour length and services provided. Most tours meet early in the morning and spend 1-2 days hiking into Havasu Canyon, 1-2 days enjoying the falls, and 1-2 days hiking out.

Benefits of Guided Tours

Key advantages of joining a Havasu Falls guided tour rather than hiking independently include:

  • No route-finding or planning required – Guides handle all permits, gear, meals, etc.
  • Learn about the area – Guides provide commentary about the canyon’s history, geology, and native culture.
  • Safety – No need to hike alone into a remote canyon. Guides have medical training.
  • Convenience – Transportation and all gear is provided. No prep needed.
  • Meet people – Join other adventurers on a group tour.
  • More time at the falls – Spend up to two days enjoying Havasu Falls instead of just a few hours.

Guided tours allow those unwilling or unable to hike to Havasu Falls on their own to experience this bucket-list location. Just be ready for early mornings, camping, and sharing the experience with a group.

Havasu Falls Viewpoints

While helicopters and guided tours can take you directly to Havasu Falls, another option is to view the falls from overlook points accessible by car or short hikes. Here are some of the main Havasu Falls viewpoints to check out:

Havasu Falls Lookouts

  • Havasu Falls Trailhead/Hualapai Hilltop: The trailhead provides distant views down into Havasu Canyon where the falls are barely visible about 10 miles away.
  • Navajo Falls Viewpoint: Reachable by an easy 1 mile hike. Provides views about 5 miles upstream of Havasu Falls.
  • Mooney Falls Viewpoint: A 1.5 mile hike ends at a viewpoint above Mooney Falls, about 2 miles downstream from Havasu.
  • Hopi Point: Located in Grand Canyon National Park’s Hermit Rest area. Gives panoramic views into the canyons beyond Havasu Falls from about 5 miles away.
  • Mohave Point: Also in the Hermit Rest vicinity, offering scenic vistas which can include tiny glimpses of Havasu Falls in the distance.

Benefits of Viewpoints

While you cannot see Havasu Falls up close and in its full glory from the viewpoints, the advantages include:

  • No permits required – Easy access without needing reservations.
  • Short hiking distances – Trails to viewpoints range from 1-2 miles round trip.
  • Save money – No tour fees required. Only pay for parking/entrance.
  • Photography – Many scenic overview photos of Havasu area can be captured.
  • Peaceful experience – Avoid crowds at the falls and enjoy nature at the overlooks.

Using viewpoints is best for people who want a glimpse of Havasu Falls but don’t mind seeing it from a distance in order to avoid the long hike or high helicopter/tour costs.

When to Visit Havasu Falls Without Hiking

Havasu Falls is stunning year-round but the ideal times to visit using the non-hiking options above are:

  • Spring: March – May offers moderate temperatures and stunning waterfalls from snowmelt. Wildflowers bloom and streams are flowing strong.
  • Fall: September – November provides cooler weather and smaller crowds. The fall foliage is gorgeous and springs still cascade.
  • Winter: December – February is the least crowded. Temperatures are chilly but the falls flow heavily after winter rains and snow.

Summers can be very hot, making hiking prohibitive. Monsoon season from July-August brings flash flood risks. Avoid these times for optimum non-hiking access.

No matter when you choose to visit using helicopter, tours or viewpoints, seeing Havasu Falls without trekking miles into the canyon yourself is an amazing and unforgettable experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about visiting the spectacular Havasu Falls without hiking:

Do I need reservations to take a helicopter or guided tour?

Yes, you should make reservations 1-3 months in advance for the best availability. These tours often sell out quickly.

What should I wear and bring for helicopter/tour visits?

Light, comfortable clothing. Swimwear and sandals if swimming. Camera, snacks, medication, sun protection. Pack light as you may have to carry gear short distances.

How strenuous are the hikes to the Havasu Falls viewpoints?

Trails range from easy 1 mile hikes to moderate 7 mile hikes with elevation changes. Check trail descriptions to confirm difficulty.

Can I bring hiking poles on helicopter tours?

Yes, collapsed hiking poles can be brought onboard. Make sure not to extend them during the flight.

How close do helicopter tours land to the falls?

Most land on a plateau about 0.25 miles from the pools above the falls. You hike down a bit to the viewing areas above the falls.

Are guided tours safe for kids or seniors?

Yes, most companies can accommodate kids over 10 and seniors in good health. Confirm age policies when booking.


Visiting the world-famous Havasu Falls does not require you to complete the grueling 10+ mile hike through Havasupai Canyon. Thanks to helicopter tours, guided expeditions, and canyon viewpoints, people of most ages and abilities can experience Havasu Falls in all its glory. Consider the options covered above to find the right non-hiking adventure to this breathtaking natural wonder. Just be sure to make reservations in advance, prepare properly, and get ready for an unbeatable bucket-list memory. Have you seen Havasu Falls? Share your experience in the comments!


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